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Carrying Dress

~ Carrying Dress ~

Related NPC : Tailor of Britain, Vesper, Trinsic, Yew

Required Class : Everyone

Objects: Robe: The item that the tailor gives you for delivering to owners.

Quest: The tailor that you get the quest, gives you 3 robes, he/she wants from you to deliver to owners. To see the owners move Mouse on the robes. After you delivered these 3 robes, your quest would completed. You cannot use any teleports spell or moon gate.


-2000 golds

-Full Black Boots(Blessed)

-Robe Color Changer Deed(Only Quest Robes)

Usage: Double click the deed, select a quest reward robe, select second robe that you want to use color(second robe will release after selecting). Quest robes color changes to second robes color.

NOTE: This dead is personal, cannot tradable. Only the quest owner can use.