Ücretsiz Oyna Oyun Hesabı Al

Combined Betting System

You can see the active bets with the [kombine command.


The system works like football betting system that we know. We write the coupon price on the right top “Bet Amount” part. We make our choices according to the odds on the right of the matches and write our prediction on the rightmost box.

Write to the box;

If we say host team win: 1
If the visiting team wins: 2
If it would draw: 0
and if we do not want to play that match: 3

Then press the “Calculate” button and we can see our total odds and maximum gain.


We create a coupon by saying “Play”. The lowest coupon price is “5000 gold”. In the next days, I ensure that the system is not played under the 500k money in the player’s bank.

When we click on the coupon in our bag, we can get information about the coupon status.


We can prevent games from starting earlier and play those that have not started yet. In the examples below, the matches in Turkey has been started and closed.Since matches have not yet started in the European leagues, you can still play in those matches.Note: Matches are automatically closed by the system when the time arrives.

Once all matches have started, you can no longer create coupons:


After the matches are over and the managers have logged into the system, our coupon can be as follows:


Or like that;


Or like this;


As you can see in the top pictures, you can choose 10 matches or make a combination of 10 matches or 3 combinations or sell your house in Britain and make one match coupon.

Things to Know:

1 – As a result of this system, money that does not exist in the server does not enter the system. The total paid money to the winning coupons can not be more than total money.

The total rate of the combine and the multiplier of the deposit money show the “maximum gain” amount, in each case you can not win this maximum amount.

After the matches are over, our system rates the total money to be distributed, not exceeding the revenue, by establishing a relationship between winning coupons and system revenue.

If the number of lost coupons are much when the matches are over, the coupon bonuses holding the winnings usually get close to the maximum gain.

2 – All of bettors  and earnings are recorded. Every week (I can change to the moon),the most successful bettors of the week, is given from the system the amount of money that earned.

3 – Only the player can open the combine coupons and receive the reward. Do not trade your coupons.

4 – The rates are fixed. They do not change unless you play. They are taken from the original betting bulletin.

5 – Maximum gain is 99m from the system.