Ücretsiz Oyna Oyun Hesabı Al

Donating LRC

~ Donating LRC ~

Where can you get quest?
At Doom Gantlet.

Required Skill : minumum 80 Animal Taming.

Apprentice Mages have problem with the spells reagents. They need LRC dresses for improvinge their skills. It is expected from experienced players.

You can complete the quest 3 times.

– More artifact drop rate

Questions about this Quest:
Question 1: Completed quests deliver to whom ?
Winner of the Dice Tournament, Beginner player.

Question 2: I completed the quest, how can I get quest again?
After dropping a doom gauntlet artifact, your quest is reset so you can get again.

Question 3: I have completed quests but I cant give them to related NPC, why ?
The NPC gives you 3 quests. But you can loose or cancel them so you can get another quest. Therefore if you completed 3 quests, the quest is completed even though you have another quests. You can use your quest after drop an artifact.