Ücretsiz Oyna Oyun Hesabı Al


when you have necromancy skill beside animal taming, you can summon “summoned lich lord” by animate dead spell. You can control these quite powerful summoned creatures with all come, all kill commands.


system specialities

you can controll these summons if you have 70+ animal taming and 100 and above necromancy skills. otherwise they act like normal summons and they wont listen to you.


* every summoned lich lord will occupy 1 slot. you can summon max. 5 lich lords. if you try to summon 6th, one of previously summoned lich lord will parish.

* when you have at least necromancy skill for cast animate dead spell, animal taming skill you have will determine how many creatures you can summon.

0.0 – 69.9 animal taming : 1 summon

70 – 79.9 animal taming : 2 summons

80 – 89.9 animal taming : 3 summons

90 – 99.9 animal taming : 4 summons

100 and above animal taming : 5 summon

* summoned lich lords cannot be healed.

* duration of your summons is one day if they dont die.

* you cannot stable your summons.

* you cannot cast animate dead spell on a corpse after a few minutes past by on its dead.

* they can recall with you.

* they can run with you as well as all other bonded creatures.

* they cannot attack any other player or tamed animal.

* when you participate an event, the summons you have will be dispelled.

                                NECRO BARD CORPSE EXPLOSION

a bone shade weapon is needed for this.



this weapon can be dropped on lich lord with %1 chance.

the properties are constant except luck.

luck is changing randomly between 50 – 130.

bone shade works with kaboom charge. when you double click on the weapon :

1 – if you mark rp in your backpack, you will charge kaboom as much as your rp ( max : 5000 kaboom )

2 – if you mark your own summoned lich lord, summoned lich lord will die. ( 1 kaboom )

3- if you mark a corpse, the corpse will explode and damage the area. ( 1 kaboom )

4 – if you mark yourself, all corpses around you will explode and damage the area ( as much as how many corpses around you kaboom )


* you can wield bone shade weapon only if you have 90 and above necromancy skill.

* while been used, must be wielded.