Ücretsiz Oyna Oyun Hesabı Al

The Guide of Leviathan

First create character for effective of the methods.
–     Fisher character with 100 fishing skill and minumum 50 hiding.
–     Dont equip insured items.
–     The character must be naked and empty inventory.
–     Buy fishing pole.
–     Buy a ship.
Before starting mission, it will be better 105 fishing skill. Get a quest from “Trista” near the Britain Bridge for 105 fishing PS. Just leave your inventory it for now.

–     After creating fisher character you also need a character for killing spawned sea monsters. Necro-Mages are so usefull for this. You will transfrom the Wraith form and cast spell wither for killing monsters. Why you dont use tamer characters? Because you must kill the monsters near the ship. If you kill monster by using a dragon, it may kill the monster away from the ship. Necromage is more safety and simple for this mission.
Starting Fisher Macro and Macro Settings:
Build your ship on the sea and find an area to start macro. The are must be offshore. After finding the area, get your position like the Picture below and hide. After hiding your character dont move and dont start the macro. Also give the ship’s key to necromage character, insure it and put in the bankbox.

Start settig of fishing macro after hiding and taking position. At razor program select Macros/New Macros name/Loop Tik /Record. Throw fishing pole to marked points at the picture below.

Stop recording macro. After, your macro must belike this :

*Delete all “Wait For Target”s
*Right click all “Double Click”s and select “Convert to Clicked by Type”
*Right click all “Absolute Target” s and select “Convert Relative Location”
After setting your macrol will be like this:

Start your macro after clickin “Play”. You must be carefull to not change character position and always hidden. A few time later(like the picture below) bring your necro mage character to ship and kill the serpents near the ship. Gather the bottles.

After gathering the bottles, start to open them. When you double click an “Ancient Sos”, it will show this messages and coordinates:

You need UOAM(Uo Auto Map) to find coordinates. After download and install UOAM, start UOAM. If it is black screen on UOAM, select Map at UOAM menu and find uo client data files. after selecting the installed UO file it will get better.
Start UOAM, right click and select “Go to Location”.

Apply the following step.

Click Latitude/Longtitude button, enter the coordinates one by one at the Ancient Sos. You must be carefull to enter right coordinates at the Ancien Sos. After entering click ok button and it will show a pink point on th UOAM. Go to nearest city to shown point. Build a ship at the sea. Right click near the pink point and fallow the steps below:

After doing this it will appear a white point on the map, the point means that where the reasure chest and it will appear a line to ship to white point. Fallow the line and reach the treasure chest.
After finding coordinated point, bring a fisher character ( must be difference the other fisher character). Throw fishing pole to white point. It always gives fail and pull up the items at the end it will drop a white chest to your invenory. If it pull fishes, you throw fishing pole to wrong point. There will be white a fabled fishing net in the chest. Take the fishing net.
Throw the fishing net any area on the sea. It will spawn some sea monsters(serpents, kraken, water elemantals) and a levithan. Kill the levithan and it will drops an artifact item at %25 chance.
Bottle chance is % 5
Ancient Sos chance is %4
Artifact chance is betwenn %25 and %100(changes about your luck amount)
When your luck amount is 1200 ( the fisher character that throws fishing net), it will drop artifact at %100 chance.
Levithan is a Paragon Monster, so you also gain Paragon points and it may drops minor artifacts.

These items can drop from levithan:
Decorative items: Candelabra of Souls, Ghost Ship Anchor, Gold Bricks, Philips Wooden Steed, Sea Horse Statuette, Ship Model of The HMS Cape, Admirals Hearty Rum.
Dress items: Alchemists Bauble, Arctic Death Dealer, Blaze of Death, Burglars Bandana, Captain Quacklebushs Cutlass, Cavorting Club, Dread Pirate Hat, Enchanted Titan Leg Bone, Gwennos Harp, Iolos Lute, Nights Kiss, Nox Rangers Heavy Crossbow, Polar Bear Mask, Violet Courage,Griswolds valor,Solaretes Of Bul Kathos, Cloak Of Bul Kathos