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Tony’s Crazy Horse

~ QP : Tony’s Crazy Horse ~

Tony is who lives in his case that was one horse farm owner. When he wakes up a morning, he saw that one of his horses escaped to the farm. He searched it and found at near the steep cliffs. He was happy, he approached it to bring back to farm slowly and quiet. The horse heard the footsteps and turned to Tony. Its eyes were vermeil. It didn’t know Tony. It kick Tony too hard so that Tony would carry its scar.
Tony escaped the City. He searched to help from wise. An Old Wise said that the horse was seized by the evil and need to be killed, if the horse not killed, Tony’s life will be return to a nightmare, while the horse living, discomforts and diseases would not be missing at Tony’s family.
Tony went to Jhelom city. He rented a messenger. This messenger is waiting at the door of the Jhelom arena and says the place of the Tony’s Crazy Horse.
When you find and kill the horse, it may drops the horses rope so if you bring the rope, Tony give you rewards that some golds, 1 Quester’s Pride Point and a crystal that can usable every 15 minutes. Don’t forget! The rope burns sometimes while killing the horse so you must wait to kill another one.

The Crystal:
Resurrects the pet at %50 chance
Not resurrects the pet at %25 chance
Not resurrects the pet and damages %50 of your health, at %15 chance
Not resurrects the pet and kills you at %10 chance.

The drops chance of the rope from the horse is: %50
The chance of Tony’s believes to his own rope is: % 50

Related NPC : Ambar ( at the door of Jhelom Arena)

The Horse place: Destard

Tony’s place: Yew